Who We Are

Our principals have been serving client needs for over 35 years by providing accounting, tax, payroll and consulting services to clients representing a wide variety of industries. Whether your company is a startup, a business plan is solid, or if you are properly funded, and you are building a growth model. We will consider servicing all your needs, and Venture Financial Group can help you get there. Our clients range from early stage to mature in their life cycle.

While engaging with a new client, we expect them to interview us, and recognize one size doesn’t fit all. We desire a great working synergy, so we can deliver in a manner that exceeds our client’s expectation.

As your business evolves, we can easily adapt our services to match the unique needs of your business—now and into the future.

Our Leadership Team

Sam Davis

President, Owner

Melissa Lester

Marketing Executive

Glenda Hammack

Account Manager

Hunter Andrews

Accounting Associate

Linda Woods

Tax Accountant

Jack Pan, CPA

Staff Accountant

Let us help you meet those complicated challenges with sophisticated solutions to automate financial management and accounting……