At Venture Financial Group through NewDay Accounting, we can help you transform your organization with comprehensive functionality—from core accounting to global financial management.

Automating processes.

The days of manual entry from paper statements are NOT something we embrace. Even if you don’t become our client, please consider the many benefits from automating your company’s manual data feeds from such as bank accounts and credit card vendors. Another great benefit is the reduction of human error. We can help if achieve this goal because we have years of experience including QuickBooks, Client Accounting Suite, and many others. And on your behalf, we can take advantage of robust migration tools, and an extensive library of pre-built, best practices templates, reports, and workflows.

Infinite, real-time visibility into your business performance…. Providing you with deep insights into the health of your business right now—or whenever you need—using real-time, role-based dashboards and rich reporting and analysis. We can set up secure role-based access to our cloud-based applications, reports, and dashboards for all your stakeholders, wherever they may be—remote offices, traveling, at home. Plus, complete audit trails ensure we and you always know who did what and when.

Cloud-based solutions.

Outgrowing QuickBooks? There inevitably comes a time to evaluate whether QuickBooks is still meeting your needs. Outgrowing QuickBooks is a milestone you should celebrate—it means you’ve achieved the level of success and scale in your business where you’re ready to graduate to a professional, full featured financial management system. Unlike traditional financial software that you install and run on your servers; our services are cloud computing based. So, you pay as you go, only for what we need to manage your outsourced operations. No need to purchase or install hardware or software.

Having helped more than 5,000 organizations—from fast growing companies ready to graduate from QuickBooks to multinational organizations, public companies, and global enterprises dissatisfied with their current financial applications earning high marks for customer satisfaction. Our cloud-based applications are the best choice when you’re outgrowing QuickBooks and feature the highest levels of security, performance, availability, and scalability.

We’re the top choice for Salesforce CRM users, too…. Salesforce CRM provides your sales and executive teams with anytime, anywhere access to lead and opportunity information and gives you visibility into your entire sales pipeline. But once your salespeople close an opportunity, Salesforce CRM stops. That’s where we take over as the order moves to your finance department to be booked, invoiced, shipped, collected and turned into cash, revenue and commissions. If you’re already using Salesforce—the most popular cloud-based CRM system—we can easily connect Salesforce with our software solutions, which happen to be the most popular financial application on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Robust security, performance, and availability…. Protecting your financial data is the foundation and mission of the cloud tools we use to earn and maintain your trust. In fact, our software provider does more than promise—they guarantee the high performance, availability, security, scalability and reliability of your financial applications.